2and 3 bedroom Apartments for rent in Richmond Ky near EKU Campus

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            To start your process of leasing an apartment you will need to first:

  1. Fill out an application

  2. Submit at least 1 months worth of income information (pay stubs, direct deposit slips, or bank statement showing funds deposited on a recurring pay cycle)

  3. Along with a photo I.D.

To get started please fill out the Application Form and email it to us or click the button below to fill out the application online.

For Co-Applicant's please fill out the co-applicant form and submit along with the attachments requested.

Fields with an (*) must be field in or the application will not be submitted. Applications will expire after 30 day's.



*Monthly income must be three times the monthly rent amount for the apartment applied for and have 1 year of rental history to be considered without a co-signer. Co-Applicants need to have 3 times the monthly rent amount plus 60% to qualify.